Amplifying the Tibetan voice in Canberra


Tibet is ranked among the least free countries in the world in 2017. All aspects of Tibetan life including culture, religion, environment and political freedom are under increasing attack. But after more than six decades of China’s occupation, Tibetans continue to resist.

The Chinese government today spends enormous resources to control the narrative on Tibet and undermine global support for the Tibetan struggle. As China’s economic and political clout grows, many governments choose to overlook its human rights abuses in Tibet.

In Australia, China’s rising influence in our politics, education and media poses a grave threat to the Tibet movement.

The Tibet Lobby Day is about ensuring that our parliament hears the real voices of the Tibetans. It is about challenging China’s propaganda on Tibet. It is about letting our political leaders know that the Australian people care about Tibet.

On 28 March, our Tibetan delegation travelled to Canberra for the sixth Tibet Lobby Day. They met with parliamentarians from all parties to discuss the human rights situation in Tibet and called for increased political support from Australia. Our delegates are young activists, local community leaders and former political prisoners from Tibet who have made Australia their home.

We are excited by the overwhelming support we received from the parliamentarians we met on Tibet Lobby Day. Many were moved by hearing the Tibet stories directly from the Tibetans for the first time and have committed to taking stronger action.

To build on the success of the meetings, Australia Tibet Council will work with these parliamentarians over the coming year to ensure that the Australian Parliament becomes a strong voice for freedom and human rights in Tibet.

The call for stronger political support for Tibet from world governments was also heard in the US Congress in Washington and the European Parliament in Brussels on Tibet Lobby Days organised by our global partner International Campaign for Tibet. We are thrilled by the strong momentum we have built together and are ready to seize the opportunities that lie ahead of us. Now more than ever, we need united global solidarity for Tibet.

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