The Tibet Lobby Day in Australia is back for its sixth big year.

On 28 March, a group of 18 Tibetan activists, community leaders and former political prisoners living in Australia participated in our sixth Tibet Lobby Day in Canberra.

The Tibetan delegation met face-to-face with 35 Members of Parliament from all sides of the political spectrum. They shared the truth about what is happening in Tibet under China’s rule with the politicians. They highlighted that a timely resolution of the Tibet issue is critical not only for the Tibetans but for the whole world.

The Tibetans advocated for freedom and human rights in Tibet, in particular the right to practice their religion and culture. Over the past year, China has intensified its crackdown on the Tibetans’ freedom to practice their religion, culture and language as part of a systematic attempt to assimilate Tibetans into Chinese culture and maintain its control in Tibet.

The human rights violations in Tibet are largely hidden from the world. China has regularly closed Tibet to the international community. Diplomats, journalists and tourists who manage to travel to Tibet are subjected to strict supervision by the Chinese government.

Despite repeated requests since mid-2014, the Chinese Government has failed to respond positively to members of the Australian All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet seeking approval for a delegation to visit Tibet. Over the same period, delegations representing the Chinese government have received approval to enter Australia and travel freely within the country.

We believe visits by independent observers from the international community will put pressure on China to improve the human rights situation in Tibet.

On Tibet Lobby Day, we asked the Australian Parliament to push for Reciprocal Access to Tibet and call on China to allow officials, journalists and citizens from Australia and around the world to travel freely to Tibet.



Senator Murray Watt; Senator Catryna Bilyk; Senator Lisa Singh; Senator Alex Gallacher; Senator Claire Moore; Senator Kimberley Kitching; Anne Stanley MP, Ross Hart MP; Justine Keay MP, Josh Wilson MP, David Feeney MP; Peter Khalil MP; Amanda Rishworth MP; Linda Burney MP; Matt Thistlethwaite MP; Michael Danby MP; Nina Dynon (Adviser to Shadow Foreign Minister Senator Penny Wong)


Senator Eric Abetz; Chris Crewther MP; Sussan Ley MP; Andrew Laming MP; Trevor Evans MP; Kevin Andrews MP; Warren Entsch MP; Ann Sudmalis MP; Dr John Lee (Adviser to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop)


Damian Drum MP


Senator Scott Ludlam; Senator Janet Rice; Senator Nick McKim


Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore


Senator Malcolm Roberts


Cathy McGowen MP